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Device Agnostic is Good

by Hans Rempel, on November 4, 2010

We here at Exosite have been working in the embedded systems and product design industry for over 20 years.  We've worked with it all - medical devices that are saving and sustaining lives, dual-redundant kill switches that know if a hot dog is posing as a finger, multi-channel oscopes that can tell when your car has the 1:100,000 manufacturer recall problem, massive electro magnets that count the new year's salmon run, golf ball tracking devices that never made it past spec - some really cool products and ideas.  One thing these devices all had in common - adding connectivity opens up new horizons on what can be done.

We've experienced first-hand the need for connectivity in products and systems, and to be honest, until the last few years, the need was ahead of its time.  Now, cellular connectivity, short-range wireless, virtual managed servers and terrabytes of storage are commodity items (and buzz words - can you say "cloud"?) -> the magic is all in the way they are applied.  We've had front row seats  to this evolution, and have made sure our systems don't care if your data is from the inputs on an 8-bit microcontroller (really wimpy processor) or from your friendly municipal waste water processing plant or from your Facebook page.  It is a device-agnostic connection tool playing no favorites, and connecting people to their data.

This means different things to different people, but the really neat thing is that it doesn't matter what the commodity market does - we can make sure that 10-year life cycle router or your hard-to-reach pipeline monitoring station or the latest Android phone - always has a home for its data where people can give it meaning.  When things change - when IT decides a new router brand is better or when the pipeline pig is retrofitted or when you switch to an iPhone, Exosite is here to make sure the meaning of the data, and the way that it is applied, doesn't change.

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