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Exosite's Nick Green Presents at Mobile Twin Cities

by Exosite, on March 18, 2016

March 8, Minneapolis, Minn. – Nick Green, Senior UX Designer at Exosite, presented STEALTH ART: DESIGNING AROUND THE PROCESS to a full room at BuzzFeed Minneapolis’s monthly gathering of Mobile Twin Cities.

In the presentation, Nick explored the common issue artists often face when entering the corporate world. He examined and defined the difficulties of being an artist with the motivation to design something creative and an artisan working for a company with more structured guidelines and themed concepts.

Nick suggests we all analyze how to differentiate between the two personas and create time for both. This can be just as important to a business analyst, CEO, or marketing associate as it is to an artist. By managing time for efficient productivity during working hours and separating oneself from work projects outside of the office, one is better able to explore personal goals. Companies that encourage employees to explore their own needs and goals outside of work generally better equip their employees to happily assist clients while at work.

For Nick, exploring his creativity outside of work allows him to use his work time to create unique, highly functioning, and easy to use applications for Exosite customers. As a UX Designer at Exosite, Nick works alongside several departments, including marketing, sales, and products, to develop creative solutions that best fit client needs. Often it has to be complex enough to provide all of the needed features for the user while including all of the minute details that are essential to the user experience.


Once upon a time, wide-eyed, hopeful graphic designers embarked upon professional careers hoping to delight the masses with their art. That once upon a time no longer exists. In fact, graphic designers no longer exist. The trade has been divided and subdivided into interaction, identity, UX, ad infinitum design. Now, we work in silos. The mediums are siloed. Generations are siloed. Creatives and clients are siloed. The work is siloed. This has created a series of crevasses that separate us, as professional artists, from that dream of creating art we care about.

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