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Exosite and ARM Collaboration Powers Cold-chain Applications

by Exosite, on January 19, 2018

In 2017, Exosite and ARM, the world’s leading semiconductor company, teamed up to integrate Murano, Exosite’s enterprise IoT software platform, and Mbed Cloud, a scalable solution for secure device connectivity and management. This combined offering gives customers a standards-based and secure chip-to-cloud device-management solution, along with vertical-solution templates and IoT-platform functionality, to simplify and accelerate connected-product development.

The MBed Cloud and Murano integration is particularly impactful in cold chain applications, where global regulations have increased the need for visibility into temperature-controlled supply chains or in-transit goods. In this blog, we’ll discuss the key features of Mbed Cloud, explain how it integrates with the Murano platform through Exosite’s Exchange marketplace to provide a powerful end-to-end solution, and identify a real-world cold-chain use case that Mbed Cloud and Murano can enable.

About ARM Mbed Cloud

Mbed Cloud is the first complete chip-to-cloud solution, purpose-built for IoT by ARM. With Mbed Cloud, ARM has considered every aspect of security, scalability, and technology standards in order to enable organizations to more easily overcome IoT device-management challenges and get-to-market faster.

Key Features of Mbed Cloud

  • Reliable standards-based communication and delivery that is optimized for efficiency, regardless of device type, and offers easy expansion as technology matures.
  • Efficient and secure remote device management (including firmware management and fail-safe updates across all devices in a network) that reduces time and effort required to deploy wide-spread updates, with broadcast and mesh-friendly packages.
  • Built to scale with massive deployments of constrained IoT nodes, using unique caching mechanisms for low-energy devices. Supported connectivity includes CoAP/HTTP, TLS DTLS and OMALWM2M.
  • Secure provisioning, trusted device identity, and attestation provide end-to-end security from the chip to the cloud using TLS.
  • Accelerated proof of concept projects and faster scaling, productivity, and time to market by enabling developers to use with any device, on any cloud.
  • Ability to track, maintain, and update an ever-growing number of devices for infinite scalability.

How Murano and Mbed Cloud Work Together

Together, Mbed Cloud and Murano provide a proven, trusted data pipeline from devices to end applications, as seen in the image below. As a result, users don’t have to invest time and money developing the technology stack.

Mbed Cloud is available through Exosite’s Exchange marketplace, a curated library of reusable IoT elements, including industry-proven services, products like Mbed Cloud, and content, that enable industrial manufacturers to rapidly solve common IoT challenges and accelerate connected-product development.

Key Features of Exchange

  • Pre-Built Elements: Exchange’s proven elements provide design patterns, pre-built applications, integrations, and templates for secure IoT development.
  • Custom Elements: Users can design and share elements within a private version of Exchange to help internal resources quickly develop their applications using pre-approved brand standards, security requirements, and communication protocols.

For more in-depth information about how to leverage the Mbed Cloud integration with Murano, please see the Mbed Service Quickstart Guide support article.

Mbed Cloud and Murano Power Cold chain Applications

To meet the demand of increasing global regulations in multiple industries, like pharmaceuticals and food safety, there is need for next-generation, IoT-enabled cold chain solutions that can ensure greater quality and visibility at every point in the chain. Exosite offers its Remote Condition Monitoring solution, which leverages both the Murano platform and ARM Mbed Cloud, provides out-of-the-box functionality to monitor the health and condition of temperature-controlled supply chains and in-transit goods. An example is provided below.

IoT brings visibility to temperature-controlled supply chain and in-transit goods.

Smart sensors, IIoT gateways, and cloud connectivity enable cost-effective retrofitting of existing facilities, assets, and processes. Continuous remote monitoring of connected assets enables real-time events and alerts that can trigger context-specific actions and ensure that in-transit goods maintain integrity and safety throughout the process. Exosite’s Remote Condition Monitoring solution helps organizations track temperature-controlled supply-chain elements in a way that leads to better decisions and improved operational efficiency. With the combination of smart sensors and low cost cellular connectivity, it’s possible to monitor in-transit goods from start to finish and gain insight into the health of machines involved along the way.
Join us on Tuesday, January 23rd at 11 am (CT) for a live webinar to learn more about how ARM and Exosite are working together to power next-generation cold chain solutions.

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