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IoT News: Exosite Releases Quarq Case Study

by Exosite, on August 5, 2015

iot news exosite releases quarq case study

Exosite is excited to present a piece of IoT news that has been buzzing around the office: the new start line has been drawn on the pavement with a case study covering Quarq's revitalizing changes to the competitive cycling world. Gain access to in-depth IoT insights covering the business challenges, opportunities, the solution, and the results of a company using their innovative ideas, forward thinking strategies, and Exosite's software to propel an industry.


Quarq makes innovative power performance trackers for elite and competitive cyclists, allowing performance data to be monitored and acted upon in real time. As noted on their website, Quarq power meters are revolutionizing the industry by targeting those riders looking to revolutionize how they perform:

"Quarq power meters are for athletes devoted to honing their craft. Delivering statistics to help you know exactly what's going on. But not just statistics. The context to help go beyond the guess. To get beyond the uncertainty of whether your mood or emotion is calling the shots. So you can know exactly when to push, when to sit up, and when to dig deeper."


The Business Challenge

Quarq was developed as an answer to a crowded market. Noticeably narrowing and sales slowing, the need for an innovation was ever increasing to bring about change within the cycling industry.

The Opportunity

Ironically, a sport known for its speed was slow to innovate.  The data monitoring process in place at the time involved several steps before the athlete was able to see their data in a suitable format.  A simple question was then asked: "What if data helped athletes adjust the rides in real time? What if fans could follow their sport even closer?"

The Solution

Quarq's IoT solution implemented cloud connectivity, cutting the cables typically associated with telemetry systems. QuarqNet debuted at the world's premier endurance event. Audiences could now see real-time visual stats on each rider. The sport was forever changed. Exosite was a full partner in the development process: production design, IoT cloud platform, telegraphic user experience, and open APIs equate to opportunity.


Capitalized on a dramatic gap in the industry.

Defied commodization, boosted sales and brand.

Transformed product line to open new markets.

Built in-house capabilities without pressure.

Introduced an Enterprise Platform for Data Discovery.

To learn more about how your business can leverage our enterprise-grade Internet of Things platform, follow our IoT news, download our IoT white papers, or access the full case study:



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