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So What Do You Do Again?

by Hans Rempel, on November 4, 2010

I get this question a lot - right after I think I've done a good job describing what we do at Exosite.  So, here it is:

We make it really easy for people to put sensor data on a web page.

Sure, it is a lot more than that, and it has a lot of ramifications, but that seems to be a good marriage of accuracy and digestibility.  A general way of saying could be: "We provide the software and interfaces to meaningfully connect data providers to information subscribers."

I did an interview this past June with where I described to one guy "Exosite enables people and organizations to remotely interact with their real-world data" - but I'm finding even that can be a mouthful.  Perhaps in another six months, all I'll have to say to communicate is "We do Remote Monitoring" and in another six months just "Exosite."

In the meantime, here is the thought process you have to go through to understand if Exosite can add value to your world:

1) Decide what you want to measure (e.g. temperature).  This step is all yours.

2) Figure out how to measure it (e.g. thermometer) .  We can help you figure it out.

3) Pick a device that will help you un-tether the measurement/get it on the Internet (e.g. gateway device).  We are device-agnostic, but can help you pick.

4) Setup how you want the data to be handled (e.g. Celcius vs. Farenheit).  This is done with Exosite Portals - we can help you set it up.

5) View, Act, Analyze, Share, Combine, Alert, Integrate (e.g. Send SMS text that the fermentation temperature is too high).  Also done in Exosite Portals - we can help you set it up.

There is a lot under the hood - but at the end of the day, whether you're monitoring your home brew or creating a complex hierarchical facility monitoring system or deploying a fleet of diagnostic devices - we help people get their information online in a secure environment where all the stakeholders (people and machines) can see what is most important to them.

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