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Tele2 IoT Talks Highlight Innovation and Partnership

by Mike Aanenson, on November 30, 2016

Back on November 9th, Exosite was one of fifteen partner exhibitors at Tele2’s IoT Talks in Munich. Michael Aanenson, Exosite’s Director of Operations for EMEA, attended the event as Exosite’s representative to reach out to companies within the European playing field.

Tele2 is well known for hosting compelling events with informative speakers and a low-key partner area for socializing and discussing IoT.  

Many of the speakers that were featured highlighted two key ideas: no single company can provide a complete solution and IoT ecosystems are complex, which places higher importance on partnerships for IoT. This is a core belief at Exosite and is the reason we have our Exosite IoT Alliance ecosystem. We value our partner relationships and view our customers as collaborators that we want to see flourish, not just a buyer.  

Rami Avidan, Managing Director at Tele2 IoT, hits it spot on as he addressed companies beginning to create IoT-based product offerings:

“Think big.  Start small.  Scale quickly”

This is such an important message and one that Exosite fully believes in. To think big, you need to be the hero that transforms your business–creating innovative growth. The going will get tough, but you have to be passionate enough to power through and it’ll be worth it in the end.

Quickly creating proof of concepts let you learn and show what can be done through adapting IoT. Start simple, build, and adapt. Work with companies and partners that can help you scale quickly, securely, and that you can have a long term relationship with.  

If you’re an EMEA company hero that is looking for a long-term IoT partner or beginning some early IoT testing or planning, please feel free to reach out to us. It’s easy to start experimenting with an IoT platform with a free account on Murano. Try it out for yourself!

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