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View LIVE Public Dashboards

by Dominic Cope, on November 1, 2010

Our last announcement mentioned that Exosite Portals has the ability to make your dashboards public. Now we have created a list of public dashboards where you can view live data others are monitoring.

For those of you who don’t know, dashboards allow you to customize how your data is visualized. They are easy to setup thanks to the wizard that steps you through the process. When you are ready to share it with the world, simply mark the checkbox that says “Make Public” and give people the URL for that dashboard.

The level of interaction is determined by the user that created the dashboard. Some allow the public to select which data sources are displayed, while others only allow them to zoom on the existing graph. Be sure to play around with a variety of public dashboards to understand what is possible.

One of the best examples is the Banner DX80 Demo. This dashboard contains 11 data sources and 11 alarms. Up to 4 data sources can be graphed at the same time. Selecting a data source to graph is as easy as clicking on the item. The same goes for displaying a log of events that took place.

We are always looking for interesting ones to include on our list of public dashboards. If you would like us to post your dashboard, please submit a request through the feedback option in your Exosite account.

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