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Come IoT or High Water: Exosite at WQA 2017

by Exosite, on March 23, 2017

Drinkable water is something that most people take for granted. Many have little understanding of how much effort it takes to keep water quality up to standards, which is hard to believe since so much depends on water being readily available. It’s essential for water quality professionals to know how well their facilities are performing to avoid big problems–problems like the Flint, Michigan crisis. Incorporating IoT in water treatment systems allows for managers to gain and analyze data. That information details functionality and areas for improvement, so major disasters can be prevented with ease.

Exosite is joining industrial giant Parker Hannifin in booth 548 at the Water Quality Association’s Convention in Orlando, FL. Come chat with one of our IoT experts March 29th and 30th to learn how IoT can create new service revenue and optimize operational efficiencies for your company. We’ll be there to guide you along your journey down the IoT river and help you avoid the rapids that take down most establishments.

We offer a winning blend of technology and business expertise to keep your entire company on track and working together. Stop by the booth at WQA 2017 or reach out to discuss your IoT options! If you want to get started, sign up for a free account on our IoT platform and gain deep insights into your water quality.

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