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Architecture Considerations to the IoT Puzzle: Build or Buy?

by Exosite, on July 26, 2016

Just as an architect’s expertise is needed in the construction of a sturdy home, one must also consider architectural needs in a successful IoT strategy. As a leading consumer and industrial IoT platform provider, Exosite seeks to assist companies understand the necessary pieces to consider when developing a connected product and system.

In this segment of our Solving the IoT Puzzle: Build or Buy? white paper dissection, we will be covering the vital architecture considerations that you will need to keep in mind to ensure your IoT ecosystem is a success:

  • Security: All IoT platforms need to understand potential IoT security threats and address them to ensure that you aren't compromising your data or that of your customers.
  • Reliability: An IoT platform must be stable and dependable. You and your customers depend on the data being collected to make data-driven decisions. It is difficult to trust the data if your connections are spotty, the platform is unreliable, or data processing is time-consuming.
  • Customization: The ability to customize your IoT platform in the future is important if you will launch products that have different use cases and stories to define them. After all, the wheels you buy for your road bike won't really offer the performance you need on your car.
  • Scalability: As your product numbers grow, you need a scalable IoT platform and supporting services able to grow with it, without compromising the integrity, security, reliability, and functionality of your system along the way.
  • Extensibility: An IoT platform must support ways to integrate with other business systems to extend its functionality and enable better business decisions at the enterprise level based on connected product data and user behaviors.

For further build or buy insight, download the full white paper below or contact one of our IoT experts to construct your IoT solution build vs buy white paper

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