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Connect MSP430FRAM Board with the Texas Instruments CC3000 to Exosite's Cloud

by Exosite, on August 8, 2013

TI CC3000 is a new Wi-Fi module for embedded systems. It's Simple Link Wi-Fi solution minimizes MCU software requirements and provides SmartConfigTM technology that allows users to use their smartphones (iPhone / Android phone) to configure Wi-Fi passcodes/SSID in 2 steps: enter a passcode, and click start.

Exosite just released an open source project that connects a MSP430FRAM board to the cloud through Texas Instrument's CC3000 Wi-Fi module. All the source code and pre-compiled binary file can be found at

In order to make it easier for our users, the demo can be downloaded and programmed without needing to install the 1Gb+ CCS 5.3.  We also provide 3 batch files to program binary using TI's flash tool, which can also be downloaded on our GitHub repo.

Read more about this project here:

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