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Embedded IoT Protocols: The New Kids

by Exosite, on March 28, 2016

A key part of developing any IOT PRODUCT STRATEGY is understanding the protocols needed for connected device deployments. In this week’s protocols blog, we will give a brief description of the “new” protocols found in the EMBEDDED IOT PROTOCOLS white paper.

With the rapid growth of IoT, new protocols have been created specifically to meet the needs ofDEPLOYING IOT SYSTEMS and devices, including the Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol and the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP). These protocols offer the benefit of being designed to be efficient and powerful with the types of workloads found in IOT DEPLOYMENT PATTERNS. However, they do fall behind in the areas of platform library support and general maturity of design when compared to the more established protocols.


As a publish/subscribe messaging protocol, MQTT is designed to be very simple, lightweight, and easy to implement. Although this brevity allows MQTT to be simply written and understood, it can also be challenging.


Having recently been finalized by the Internet Engineering Task Force in memo RFC 7252, CoAP is a fairly new protocol. Designed for use with resource-constrained embedded devices, CoAP accommodates problems that are likely to be encountered in a global IoT device fleet deployment.


This is not a protocol that was designed for use in IOT PRODUCT DEPLOYMENT but instead, as the name suggests, for use with the web. It lets web browsers and web servers communicate continuously using a message-based, bi-directional channel.

For a complete outline of IoT protocols, download the white paper or contact us directly for IOT INSIGHT into your connected project.
embedded iot protocols

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