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Exchange Is the Answer to Reusable, Interoperable, & Secure IoT Competency

by Hans Rempel, on May 11, 2017

We have worked hand-in-hand with over 200 companies over the last eight years to help them deploy connected products that use the Internet of Things to create economic leverage. While some of our customers just want the fastest path to deploying an IoT feature set for a given product, most of them want BOTH reduced time to market AND to reuse the technologies and lessons-learned on subsequent efforts. This latter class of organization is one of the 69% of companies who see the Internet of Things as having a high or critical impact to their future (via Smart Industry).

Our CTO, Mark Benson, recently wrote in Forbes magazine about how building an organizational IoT competency requires a multi-faceted approach that includes: baselining your current capabilities, developing an actionable, achievable IoT strategy, investing in reusable technologies, and enlisting experienced IoT technologists to advise and train your team.

The incorporation of reusable IoT components and technologies is one of the top five key behaviors of success in the quest to develop an IoT competency. However, because a connected product strategy touches so many parts of an organization, developing reusable, interoperable, and secure components that accelerate an entire organization is easier said than done.

With our announcement of Exchange, we’ve unveiled a tool that allows organizations to organize and curate their IoT technologies, while seamlessly providing a place for internal divisions and invite-only external partners to reuse components and templates. Now, when a connected product is deployed by one of your divisions, it can be immediately used - without changes to its firmware or configuration - by another part of the organization.

When an integration with your enterprise ERP system is created to automate service delivery based on IoT data, that integration can be immediately reused for all other related efforts.

When your marketing team gives the go-ahead on a brand-approved IoT-powered mobile application, that template can be immediately reused as the “seed” application for all other IoT-powered mobile application needs.

We have built into Exchange the idea of “elements”, which have been defined by our eight-year experience in the actual taxonomy of an IoT ecosystem, and have overlaid the ability to deploy these value-added elements into active IoT projects - all in a permission-managed environment.

Exchange immediately opens the door to BOTH centralized IoT planning AND the adoption of entrepreneurial success, brings them into an environment where your entire company benefits, while mitigating the problematic areas of security, IT policy compliance, and geographic portability. In actual customer deployments, by using Exchange, we have measured the cost of IoT project implementations over a six month period decrease by more than 50%, while cutting the time-to-market by more than 33%.

The benefits of removing technology silos when developing an IoT competency was clear to us over a year ago when we started building Exchange, and we are excited to be able to finally share it with the world now!

For more information, check out the Exchange page or connect with us.

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