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Exosite Powers Texas Instruments Smart Home Exhibit at CES

by Josh Simi, on January 28, 2014


For over 40 years, the international Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held in Las Vegas has served as one of the world’s largest gatherings for innovators to showcase the latest breakthrough technologies.

At this year’s event, Exosite collaborated with Texas Instruments to wire up a complete connected living environment for exhibitors to experience first-hand. Using a smart phone or tablet, exhibitors could walk around the room, or layback on a comfortable couch and take complete control of the home. The desired atmosphere could be set by dimming the lights up or down, with the option of turning on a fireplace, and with a connected thermostat, the overall room temperature could be adjusted, all at your fingertips. Not to mention, the security system was integrated as well and would notify you if windows were left opened after the alarm was set or if a breach had occurred.

Energy consumption data was gathered off each device and was sent to Exosite’s cloud data platform to run calculations on usage and rates. On the very same smart phone or tablet used to control the home, the user had a dashboard display that showed how much energy each appliance was consuming in real-time and the total daily amount, along with the monthly electricity cost.

Part of the Exosite team that was at the show is shown below at the TI booth exhibit:


In a world where everyone and everything is becoming connected, we see no reason why our homes should be any different. And with the help of Exosite’s cloud technologies, manufactures can build more products for the growing Internet of Things to make this a reality. To learn about the behind the scenes technologies used to power the demos, please visit: for additional information.

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