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Exosite Presents at Sensors Expo & Conference

by Josh Simi, on June 11, 2013

For the second consecutive year, Exosite had the opportunity to present at Sensors Expo & Conference, the leading sensors event in North America. The event is focused on sensors and has emerged as one of the largest and most important gatherings of engineers and scientist involved in the development and deployment of sensors systems.

Representing Exosite was Tom Dever. Tom has over 20 years of marketing and engineering experience. Currently, he serves and the Director of Business Development for Exosite and leads the charge, architecting system connected solutions for customers. After a 10-year stint as director at Intel, he moved into the M2M/IOT space and has a passion for connecting humans and machines in intelligent new ways. His focus has always been on building new revenue streams for companies using the latest and greatest technologies.

This year, Tom presented on the topic, “Changing Business Models Using Cloud Services and Connected Sensors.” The presentation was geared toward real-world customers and examples of how companies are changing the playing field in their industry by connecting sensors to the cloud and using that data to make intelligent decisions. Specifically, he addressed how companies can generate new streams of income, reduce maintenance cost for service departments and how connected sensors are changing the competitive landscape.

In addition to the presentation, Sensors Expo & Conference gave a few lucky Exosite team members the ability to get out of the office and meet face to face with engineers and scientist from all over the world and learn about the most up-to-date innovations in sensor technology.

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