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Faster IoT Development with ExositeReady Gateway Engine

by Exosite, on September 28, 2016

Yesterday we launched ExositeReady Gateway Engine (GWE), a software package that quickly enables secure communication between end nodes, gateways, and Exosite’s Murano IoT platform. GWE expedites IoT development associated and includes out-of-the-box features that reduce the risk of data loss and ensure secure communication.

We understand the technical requirements necessary to connect multiple sensor nodes to a central, Internet-enabled gateway, which is common in a wide variety of IoT applications. With application hosting, over-the-air (OTA) updates, message queuing, and a pluggable-services interface, GWE provides an essential piece in the IoT ecosystem that shortens development time and enhances security for Exosite partners and customers.

“ExositeReady GWE eliminates the need to start from the ground up and enables organizations to leverage proven, secure gateway-to-platform communication architecture with devices of their choosing,” said Hans Rempel, CEO. “Because our customers understand the business value of IoT to manage data through a secure gateway, they are able to make informed decisions regarding their equipment and environment, with the added benefit of saving time and cost.”

GWE also provides built-in connectivity to Murano, which offers infrastructure, device management, application deployment, and user integration all in one place. Through GWE, customers have access to a secure and scalable end-to-end IoT ecosystem to develop, deploy and manage connected products for any industry.

ExositeReady GWE Key Features

Application hosting – GWE allows customers to build and monitor custom gateway applications, control versioning, define restart and fail characteristics, and retrieve debug logs.

OTA updates –GWE enables customers to remotely install and update gateway firmware or applications using a secure, reliable OTA engine.

Message queuing – GWE helps customers avoid data loss due to power outages or lossy networks with a flexible, store-and-forward style HTTP server.

Modular sensor interface – GWE provides default sensor drivers or allows I/O interfaces to be added and extended to meet the demands of each unique implementation.

Pluggable services interface – GWE provides built-in cloud modules to route device data to Exosite’s Murano platform or easily integrate with other on-premise business and building-management systems.

ExositeReady GWE will be made available to a variety of partners in the Exosite IoT Alliance (EIA). Initial partners that will offer GWE on their gateway products include MultiTech Systems, Synapse Wireless, MIQ, Janus Remote Communications, and exceet/LUCOM.

For more information, visit check out the press release.

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