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Hosting and Systems Administration of an IoT Solution: Build or Buy?

by Exosite, on August 9, 2016

It is a fact that the Internet of Things is allowing companies access to more data. Although this explosion of data is affording companies to increase efficiencies and create new revenue streams, it is also true that the amount of new data can be overbearing if companies are not prepared. An overload of data could mean stretched resources that lead to new security challenges. Just as a soldier would not go to battle without being properly armed with a protective aid, companies must also arm themselves with a server that can protect and manage their data.

Before getting into the meat of server-side development, it’s important to ensure you have servers that are ready to host.

Server Basic

Servers are powerful computers that run your applications and handle all the behind-the-scenes operations, maintenance, and monitoring that many of us take for granted each day. They are the environment where your applications and data reside. Unless you have a dependable hosting solution, you put the reliability, security, and scalability of your entire IoT solution at risk.

Server Monitoring

Servers contain operating systems and applications that need to be installed, and then maintained with patches and on-going monitoring to ensure performance is optimal and IoT security is not compromised. This monitoring requires tools that need to be in place to ensure that any connected product application you are adding to your system is running as expected. And when things don’t run as expected, you will need backups, restoration plans and procedures, and people to execute them at the appropriate times.

Server Optimization

To maintain optimal performance, your servers will require regular tuning and optimizations. This is especially important when dealing with the capacity of your system. Capacity includes not only know how much data you are collecting, but also how much computation is involved in the analysis you are performing on the IoT data. You will need to monitor your capacity, and plan to scale when demand makes it necessary. The speed at which the data can be collected, analyzed, and then passed on to end-user applications is important to not only the user experience, but also the trust your customers have in your IoT solution.

As a provider of one of the world’s leading secure and scalable IoT system, it is Exosite’s goal to assist IoT makers, movers, and moguls with the information they need. Download the full Solving the IoT Puzzle: Build or Buy? white paper or contact one of our experts to discuss your questions build vs buy white paper

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