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IoT Expertise: People. Process. Products. (Inside Exosite: Leadership Series)

by Hans Rempel, on June 16, 2016

I founded Exosite with the vision of connecting every device in the world in a way that matters to people. Not connectivity for connectivity’s sake, but connectivity with a purpose–with the mission of transformation. Many of our original team–all of whom are still with Exosite today–have product realization backgrounds. We were professional thing makers before starting and building Exosite. We knew first hand the challenges not only of product design, but also of manufacturing, deployment, support, and maintenance. When we created a new type of software, we did so by designing the workflows and the business environment surrounding device connectivity that would allow the full product life cycle of connected products to be a reality.

Today, our mission of enabling business transformation through Internet of Things (IoT) software remains strong.  Over the past seven years, we’ve provided a world-class business-to-business IoT connectivity platform to many of the world’s largest organizations, and we’ve learned that the power of IoT is the economic leverage it represents to the world’s thing makers.  Let me say that again–the reason-for-being for IoT is economic leverage.  It allows organizations to take the intellectual property within their organization that was previously only leveraged by building a product, and unleash the power of the specialized knowledge of their industry, their users, and their technologies in the form of a deeper relationship with their customers and supply chain. Connectivity brings with it the possibility to fulfill the full promise of the products an organization makes and, while doing so, to use the data connectivity provides to inform and optimize product development, supply chain, marketing, and sales operations. While cost savings is among the most established business models associated with device connectivity, the fastest growing path to economic leverage is quickly becoming product differentiation and the ability to provide a service instead of a transactional product sale. Above and beyond economic leverage, these paths lead to an accretive business transformation reality that reinvigorates slow-moving organizations, and provides even small visionary product teams an avenue to disrupt industry hegemony.

While younger organizations often “build in” connected product assumptions to the way their businesses operate, other more established organizations are faced with BOTH new technology/process introduction AND changes to existing business operations. Simply stated, the organizational change required to realize these exciting new business models requires a skill set and risk profile that more established organizations are often not comfortable with. Exosite has guided both startup and century-old organizations through this type of organizational change and, as a result, we have developed a keen understanding of what organizations need to be successful. We have incorporated this knowledge into  Murano, our newest industry-leading IoT software platform, to provide the infrastructure, tools, services, and user interfaces that enable organizations to quickly create end-to-end IoT solutions that reduce risk and support a long-term IoT strategy. We have also developed  business and technology professional services that leverage our deep experience in connected devices, connected solutions, and connected business, to guide organizations to create IoT products that provide tangible value and make sense from both a business and technology perspective. Perhaps in several years, organizations may all have the organizational maturity required to support a connected product reality, but until they do, we’ve found that our internal team and trained partner ecosystem must be accessible to advise and support companies embarking on this journey of business transformation.

At Exosite, we are passionate about helping organizations break the IoT economic leverage barrier.  We have incorporated this passion and our unparalleled knowledge of connected product strategy into both Murano and our professional services ecosystem.  Our entire team gains great joy in partnering with our customers to enable a connected-product launch that propels them into their IoT generation of business.

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