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An Open Platform for the Future of Connected Businesses (Inside Exosite: Business Series)

by Exosite, on July 28, 2016

As today's manufacturers look out at the changing and unpredictable business landscape, they are faced with both enormous risk and unprecedented opportunity. Economic uncertainty and digital disruption from savvy, agile competitors are forcing both senior executives and divisional managers to contend with a new set of challenges. Every day, business leaders are seeking answers to tough questions about how they can reduce costs, create new value in their market, and build a sustainable roadmap for growth in a turbulent world.

At Exosite, we’ve developed an open platform and an extensive ecosystem of supporting tools and organizations that help companies address these questions with connected product offerings. By connecting high-value assets and consumer-facing products to the Internet using Exosite’s Murano IoT platform, organizations across many industries can reduce costs due to downtime and develop new insights into customer behavior, among several other monetization strategies that will ensure long-term growth and sustainable revenue. ¹

But because the landscape is still changing so quickly, companies will need the ability to adapt quickly with new features, integrations and products. At Exosite, we believe that to truly empower our customers to succeed in IoT, we need to provide a platform and tools that enable organizations to innovate quickly and interact with their devices and data in ways that make sense for their business. In our Murano IoT platform, we’ve provided that extensible foundation. By giving customers the ability to connect any hardware to our platform, then connect to that data through standard and custom APIs, messaging services, and web interfaces, we are encouraging our customers to own and leverage their data. Whether a company wants to give end users a mobile app for a richer product experience or they are seeking to integrate data from deployed devices in their business intelligence forecasting, Murano makes it possible. There are many ways to store device data in the cloud. Murano provides a unique platform, not only for storing it, but for owning, integrating, and monetizing that data.

Designed for scalability and flexibility, Murano is a powerful technology platform that supports companies from their first steps in IoT through the long journey of digital business transformation. In the short term, we understand that organizations don’t have the time or resources to reinvent the wheel and build infrastructure from scratch, as new market entrants increase both competitive pressure and costs of failure. Murano was built to enable organizations to innovate and iterate quickly to bring connected products to market faster than ever before using a proven, secure process. In the longer term, we recognize that companies need to build software expertise in-house, to ensure they maintain control of their core technology needs. Murano’s flexible design allows organizations to avoid locking themselves into a rigid software stack, so that they can always adapt to the quickly changing business environment. Leveraging Murano, Exosite helps organizations start preparing today to adapt and excel in the technology landscape of tomorrow.

No one can say with certainty what the future holds for IoT technology or the global economy. What we can be reasonably sure of is that companies unwilling or unable to adapt and excel in an increasingly digital business environment will be left behind. At Exosite, we believe many of the most successful companies in the coming years will be using the insights from their connected products to build deeper relationships with their customers, proactively manage risk, and ultimately transform their businesses into connected enterprises.

Be sure to visit where we’ll regularly present new videos and blog content from our Inside Exosite series, featuring Exosite experts answering real customer questions about IoT.  Please find us on social media and submit your own questions for our team to answer. For additional information about Murano and Exosite’s professional services, or to speak directly with an Exosite team member, see the links below. explore_murano_platformtransform_your_business



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