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Best Practices for Building a Pragmatic Security Strategy for IoT

by Exosite, on August 29, 2017

As IoT continues to mature as an industry, the technology and culture surrounding it must constantly adapt to address the realities of hacker behavior, mistake-prone humans, and the seriousness of the equipment in play. If it doesn’t, we’re at risk to have more events like the DDOS attacks on Dyn last year that took down popular websites for several hours, which included Twitter, Netflix, and Amazon.

By understanding the three core technology concepts of IoT security and creating layers of technology-based security methods (such as proactive response, designing for security, identity protection, and risk management), an organization can create a heavily-armored technical side to the safety and security of their assets.

Additionally, fostering and encouraging a culture committed to security through the seven core principles can enhance the way your organization implements IoT in a way that deters attackers, keeps assets and people safe, and minimizes risk.

Here at Exosite, we have the products, services, and expertise to help you establish your security strategy. Connect with one of our IoT experts to learn more about the vertical-specific use cases, secure IoT platform, and accelerator technologies we offer for smart industrial, smart home, smart building, and asset tracking. Download our full security for IIoT white paper.

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