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The IoT Security Building Blocks: Data In Use

by Exosite, on August 4, 2016

In the past, the process of retaining data security relied on the fortification of one’s data in motion and at rest. This changed with the introduction of IoT, as unauthorized access of highly valuable data at rest becomes an issue. Developing a strong IoT security strategy becomes essential for companies both seeking to enter the industry and those companies that have already produced a connected device.

Data in use is data accessed by a user, machine, or web service with particular permissions that others do not have. For instance, a facilities engineer that is responsible for keeping an HVAC system up and running may have access to see data for their facility, but may not have permission to see another facility. Even more importantly, non-authorized personnel must not have access.

Exosite has a hierarchical IoT security policy that is strictly enforced. It ensures that the right people have access to the right information at the right time for the duration of the product lifecycle, from manufacturing through activation, usage, and retirement.

As our Security In Internet of Things Systems white paper illustrates, the protection of data relies on all pieces working together, data in motion, data at rest, and data in use. For a complete explanation of the three data contexts, download the full IoT security white paper or contact one of our experts to ensure the protection of your IoT solution today. download IoT security white paper

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