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The IoT Security Building Blocks: Data in Motion

by Exosite, on July 27, 2016

As a global consumer and industrial IoT platform provider, Exosite is deeply involved in securing sensors, devices, networks, cloud platforms, web applications, and mobile applications for diverse industries. As explained in our previous installment of the Security in Internet of Things Systems white paper blog segment, data can be thought of in three contexts. The second context is data in motion, and will be the focus of this IoT security blog segment.

Data in motion is data that is sent from a sensing device over a wired or wireless network, such as Wi-Fi, public Internet, or cellular. For this mode, it is important to make sure that an attacker is not able to listen in on the communications and understand what data is being sent. This is especially important for private customer data, but it is also essential for machine data. Each delivery mode should be carefully analyzed for any IoT solution.

Exosite uses standard Internet security, secure sockets layer/transport security layer (SSL/TLS)3, on all application programming interface (API) endpoints to protect data in transit. We also work with customers to determine the application-specific security layers that are needed.

When secured properly, an IoT solution can establish new revenue streams, create new consumer value, and increase efficiency. For a complete explanation of the three data contexts download the full IoT security white paper or contact one of our experts to kickstart your IoT solution IoT security white paper

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