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Pragmatic End-to-End Security Solutions

by Exosite, on March 19, 2015

For businesses seeking to enter the Internet of Things (IoT) space, creating an effective and appropriate IoT security strategy is one of the most important steps to complete. As IoT devices become more accessible and share more sensitive information, the need to securely capture, send, and store data will become increasingly important.

As discussed in our Experience Matters in Internet of Things Security blog post, taking advantage of readily available security tools and existing expert knowledge can give businesses a jump start on understanding the security implications of their IoT solutions. Based on our extensive experience in the IoT industry, Exosite has incorporated a number of cutting-edge security features into our platform that are readily available to all customers, including secure transmissions, secure storage, time-boxed provisioning windows, and more. Exosite also recommends a comprehensive security review from a  reputable third-party security firm as part of any serious IoT deployment to help businesses consider addition security features like secure key storage, encrypted flash/memory, tamper protection, and secure RF communications.

See our Security in Internet of Things Systems white paper for a more in-depth discussion about security in IoT systems and the considerations necessary to develop a pragmatic end-to-end IoT security solution.

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