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Proof of Floatability: Testing Your IoT Projects

by Exosite, on January 5, 2017

In order to establish a lasting enterprise IoT framework, you need to see issues before they arise. Last week we covered how limited internal scope can ruin opportunities for true innovation, but there are easy steps to take when creating a connected product and overcoming the learning curves associated with IoT implementation. With our enterprise IoT platform that assists large corporations in gaining alignment and initiating IoT projects, we can help you navigate the sea of issues.

A common best practice includes deliberately starting with the development of one connected product using a process with several common stages (though perhaps using different names):

  • Proof of feasibility. Connectivity of even a single signal to a low-fidelity interface can be used to demonstrate the validity of the idea and start conversations about the possibilities.
  • Prototype. Connection of an initial build of the device to a functional interface helps to confirm design assumptions, complete initial user testing, and gather feedback for improvement.
  • Pilot. Limited release of a complete product, including hardware and software, enables a test audience to validate the business case and catch any design errors prior to the commercial release.
  • Commercial release. Full release of the product to the marketplace, plus careful observation of how users interact with the device and data, provides insight for continuous improvement.

As a product team learns about developing their first connected product in this initial development cycle, a separate team can begin to document and define the interfaces between the product and the rest of the organization. This provides the foundation for a common set of tools and corporate services to properly support a suite of connected products.

To read all the best practices for the development of a successful IoT framework, click below to download the white paper. To try out our IoT platform, Murano, today, click to sign up and get started!download build vs buy white paper


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