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Never Redesign the Wheel: Benefits of Reusable IoT Components

by Exosite, on January 10, 2017

No one wants to reinvent the wheel if they don’t have to, so why should your organization do so when implementing an IoT ecosystem? This week in the IoT framework blog series, we’ll discuss establishing centralized common components in order to save you (and other divisions) time and money.

Even with the use of an IoT platform to reduce the upfront cost of connectivity, developing and delivering a single connected product can be costly. If an organization’s long-term IoT strategy includes growing into a connected brand, there are efficiencies in overall implementation costs and time-to-market to be gained from centralizing some aspects of the IoT development program, while pushing other responsibilities out to the divisions or product teams involved.

Also, as previously mentioned, new connected-product development impacts many other corporate realms, including marketing, engineering, manufacturing, pricing, sales, delivery, support, and billing. Some traditional manufacturing companies find the speed of web and mobile development disruptive.

Stay tuned-in for next Tuesday’s blog on two important elements to enable growth into a connected brand. If you’d like to read more about how establishing strategies in an enterprise IoT strategy would benefit your organization, download the full white paper below. To gain hands-on experience connecting your first devices, sign up for our IoT platform, build vs buy white paper


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