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Creating Transformative Moments with IoT (Inside Exosite: Leadership Series)

by Hans Rempel, on August 3, 2016

I remember the first time I saw the health of my off-the-grid solar-powered battery bank from 1,500 miles away–I knew that my investment in renewable energy was intact and had the peace of mind that should something go wrong, I had the data at my fingertips to make educated decisions to rectify the situation. The Internet of Things (IoT) was transformative to my experience as a remote property owner.

At Exosite, we are adrenaline junkies for watching that same transformative moment dawn on businesses entering the IoT generation by connecting their products and assets.  Over the last seven years, we’ve helped some of the world’s largest companies realize the transformative shift from product delivery to product AND service delivery that is enabled by IoT.  By transforming their market offerings, multiple opportunities for bottom-line transformation are also created–companies find they can leverage their knowledge of their industry, coupled with new data insights, to reduce their operating costs, increase product competitiveness, and diversify revenue with service offerings.  

Each industry and each product has its own unique challenges, but the thread that stays true to my personal experience, and to every commercial transformation, is that IoT unleashes the ability of a product to fully deliver on its inherent promise.  For example, the promise of compressed air delivery infrastructure is consistent air pressure; the promise of a mouse trap is a pest-free environment; and the promise of a garage door is secure entry for authorized individuals. By transforming these assets into reliable, secure, and scalable IoT solutions for leading companies, Exosite ensures those promises can be kept—sometimes through a new service offering, sometimes by predictively averting failure, and sometimes by a longer-term outcome of improving a product’s blind spots.

However, when organizations move past the why of IoT and into the how, the path to efficient execution of a connected-product strategy is not always clear. Some organizations are able to deploy an initial connected product by piecing together public cloud offerings, but many others experience either analysis paralysis that results in a “wait and see” approach, or embark on a “boil the ocean” approach without a solid business model that quickly falls short of expectations. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations usher products and solutions into IoT awareness using our IoT software platform and, through testing the ins and outs of technical hurdles like connected-product security, flexible web-services implementation, integrations with external software systems, and effective management dashboards, have provided a consistent and clear path not only to launch a product, but also to help organizations transform themselves into connected businesses. Our team, and our Murano platform itself, is custom-built to enable “the how” of business transformation through IoT.  No matter what stage of the transformation process a business is in, whether you are investigating feasibility, ready to bring your IoT product to market, or need to make a switch to a scalable, reliable, secure IoT platform, Exosite has the expertise to guide you to success using the tools and capabilities of Murano. Our Murano IoT platform and committed team remove the barriers and allow open software integrations, standards-based development, and user-stakeholder workflows that enable business transformation and just aren’t possible or available with other options.

We are excited about business transformation through IoT –about helping each product to find its voice.  In this quest, we help organizations go from idea to deployment in months rather than years, routinely consult with IoT leadership committees on their connected-product strategy, and are often called upon to ensure successful post-deployment operations. Through all the analysis that leads to the “why” and all the hard work required to deliver on the “how,” we’ve never lost that thrill we get when someone’s everyday experience is transformed through their use of a connected product. It is the reason Exosite exists, and the driving force behind our creation of our Murano IoT platform.

Be sure to visit where we’ll regularly present new videos and blog content from our Inside Exosite series, featuring Exosite experts answering real customer questions about IoT.  Please find us on social media and submit your own questions for our team to answer. For additional information about Murano and Exosite’s professional services, or to speak directly with an Exosite team member, see the links below.explore_murano_platformtransform_your_business

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