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Exosite's ExoSense®️ Condition Monitoring Application and Murano IoT Platform enable organizations to deliver services and solutions for industries with high value assets, equipment, sensors, and machines.  

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Updates to the Arduino Library and a Walkthrough of the Relayduino

by Exosite, on November 8, 2013

I've been working on updating our Arduino Library. If you haven't heard of Arduino yet, it's a really cool embedded development and prototyping ecosystem. It consists of both hardware development boards and an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with many useful libraries to quickly and easily create embedded electronic devices. Exosite has created a library that makes getting your Arduino project talking to the cloud easier than ever.


Network programming is not an easy beginner project, but with the Exosite library we've tried to get it to the point where anyone can get their own device talking to the cloud. Instead of having to understand how HTTP and the other protocols that run the Internet you can just call a single function in the Exosite library to read data from and write data to the cloud. Checkout the provided example code for some more simple examples.

This post is about a new example that we just added, it's for a really cool product that we stumbled on called the Relayduino. Basically, it's an Arduino Duemilanove embedded in a PCB that can control eight relays and read four opto-isolated inputs and three 10-bit analog inputs. Luckily for us, it's got holes for the standard Arduino headers on it so we can solder in some headers and stick an Ethernet shield or WiFi shield on it and control it from the Exosite Cloud Platform.

To get yourself up an running, head on over to the Relayduino Project Page which lays out all the steps you need to get started.

P.S. Once you get your project started, why not post about it in our brand new Project Showcase forum!


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