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Exosite's ExoSense®️ Condition Monitoring Application and Murano IoT Platform enable organizations to deliver services and solutions for industries with high value assets, equipment, sensors, and machines.  


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Vertical Industry IoT Solutions

by Exosite, on February 12, 2015

In 2013, the industry began to understand that in order to reach the total addressable market (TAM), vertical-specific industry IoT solutions needed to be developed. One solution that is perhaps one of the best examples of success in the M2M / IoT space is fleet tracking. Fleet tracking is the pattern by which other industries are beginning to package vertical-specific industry solutions (e.g., generator monitoring), while remaining flexible enough to meet the needs of almost any company that manufactures or monitors generators. In order for vertical solutions to be successful, they must be quickly deployable and engage the full range of IoT technologies to address the vertical market segment (sensors, devices, gateways, short-range RF networks, network aggregators, long-range RF networks, software platforms, web/mobile user interfaces, and integrations with other business systems). The figure below provides a depiction of this phase of IoT maturity.


To help customers quickly create full vertical industry solutions, Exosite has developed a Micro Vertical Engine™ approach that enables customers to easily build IoT businesses models using three pillars. To find out more about our three-pillar approach, download The Five Phases of IoT white paper.

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