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How to Improve Customer Service with IoT

by Josh Simi, on October 19, 2015

how to improve customer service with IoT

Customer service teams are finding themselves right in the middle of a company’s connected product strategy. In addition to augmenting support staff with the new skills, processes, and documentation necessary to support connected products, it is also important to recognize the opportunity to create value by delivering better customer service that is more relevant and efficient.

For example, with Exosite’s IoT platform it is possible to remotely troubleshoot not only the performance of a connected pressure regulator, but also the network connectivity between the regulator, gateway collection point, cellular network, cloud environment, and mobile user interface.

If your support desk professional can access this data prior to talking to a customer, they can improve the customer service experience, reduce time on the phone, and minimize product return rates.

To learn more about how to improve your customer service with IoT or gain operational intelligence by creating a hyper-value centered IoT business model, download our Monetization Strategies for Connected Products white paper:


Download Monetization Strategies White Paper

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