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Organizational Alignment for Deploying a Successful IoT Strategy

by Josh Simi, on November 10, 2015

organizational alignment for deploying a successful iot strategy

For companies launching their first connected product fleet, there is significant infrastructure and organizational alignment that must be achieved in order to design, development, launch, and support a successful IoT strategy. Much of this organization alignment can be leveraged for future connected product offerings and so represents more of a foundational shift for an organization to invest in. If not addressed properly, the business case for a connected product fleet can accidentally conflate business-wide concerns and product-specific concerns, which ideally would be modeled independently.

For example, in a multi-divisional company, launching a connected furnace requires engineering, marketing, and sales to collaborate on the furnace product, but may also require investing in a common IoT cloud-based data platform that is leveraged by the furnace product and is also available for future products, like a connected air conditioning unit.

Connecting and monetizing the furnace product carries a different ROI time scale than the data platform it connects to. Misunderstanding the furnace product plus data platform ROI as a simple sum of the parts is missing the point that investing in a lasting IoT platform is a long-term investment and should be modeled as such.

To learn more about building and deploying a successful IoT business model, download our Monetization Strategies for Connected Products white paper:


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