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Use Connected Products to Streamline Regulatory Compliance

by Josh Simi, on October 4, 2015

use connected products to streamline regulatory compliance

Adhering to regulatory requirements, like those created by the FDA, can be onerous. However, one IoT business strategy is to use connected products to create value by streamlining the compliance and reporting process. For example, remotely monitoring the temperature and environment of food as it is transported from the farm, to the grocery store, and ultimately to refrigeration cases can be used to:

Provide records for FDA reporting in the case of a food-borne illness event. Information collected from connected products like the temperature and location of the food within the cold chain can provide insights to regulators and defensive proof for suppliers.

By connecting devices to an IoT platform, you can proactively send alerts to notify operators when unsafe food conditions are about to occur so food can be transferred or discarded before sold to consumers.

More easily comply with regulatory requirements. For instance, by monitoring and responding quickly to rodent evidence, suppliers can be certain that pest issues have not interfered with the integrity of the food under its supervision.

This is just one example of how to use connected products to create value in the market place. For more examples on how to build an IoT business model, download our IoT Monetization Strategy white paper:

Download Monetization Strategies White Paper

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