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Industry Solutions

Exosite's ExoSense®️ Condition Monitoring Application and Murano IoT Platform enable organizations to deliver services and solutions for industries with high value assets, equipment, sensors, and machines.  


Learn how other Organizations have leveraged Exosite.

ExoSense Condition Monitoring

September 30, 2015

For some applications, the reduction of risk is a key value proposition of a connected product offering. Risk can be reduced in a variety of areas, including: Personal injury. By …

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September 28, 2015

Exosite prepares to welcome in fall by attending AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, October 6th – 9th. The event brings together thought movers, shakers, and doers of all skill levels …

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September 25, 2015

An Exosite customer that is a Fortune 500 company in the industrial market found that after a mass connected product deployment with Exosite, end customers spent 20% more on replacement …

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September 22, 2015

Developing and implementing a fully functional and connected IoT product deployment strategy is a task companies cannot afford to fall short on. Luckily for those organizations seeking to revolutionize their …

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September 21, 2015

Although the IoT landscape is fragmented and confusing today, connected technology is becoming easier to integrate and deploy. As a result, the threat of new market entrants has never been …

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September 17, 2015

In any industry, the "time is money" saying rings true. The IoT generation of business is enabling companies to run more efficiently and effectively, saving time, resources, and money. Developing …

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September 15, 2015

The first and most obvious type of value creation is revenue generation from the end customer or business that is the target of the connected product offering. At the highest …

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September 11, 2015

Feel free to use this image, just link to www.SeniorLiving.Org ROI business models for the Internet of Things are fundamentally centered on creating value within the context of data-driven experiences …

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September 8, 2015

Connecting products is the first step in a sequence of a maturity process that ends with intelligent control and decision-making support. Although the near-term focus may be on connecting the …

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September 3, 2015

Connected product fleets are a new endeavor for many enterprises. While designing a connected product offering is hard enough, preparing an entire organization to market, sell, and support it is …

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